December 1, 2009
Bill Huddy
Bill sniffs Juliet Huddy's dismembered hair extension as she attempts to retrieve it
Air date December 1, 2009
Special First day of December
Guests Juliet Huddy
Oliver "Ali" Nejad
Jim Norton
Episode Guide
November 28, 2009
December 2, 2009
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Introductions Edit

"It's like 'The Young and the Restless', if by 'restless' you mean 'tied to the radiator in my basement' "

  • Juliette Hutty: "She's so hot, I burn my mouth every time I say her name"
  • Oliver "Ali" Nejad: "He knows high stakes gambling like I know drunken rambling"
  • Jim Norton: "He's funnier than two clowns devouring a pizza made from a sad hobo"

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