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Guests of RedEyeEdit

A-Z by Surname

  • Dr. Michael Baden (the death correspondent a.k.a master Baden)
  • Ambassador John Bolton (former U.N. Ambassador for the U.S.A.)
  • Steven Crowder
  • Jill Dobson
  • John Gibson
  • Kevin Godlington (former British SAS soldier, current business man)
  • Greg Gutfeld's mom (the senior correspondent)
  • Mary Katherine Ham
  • Marc Lamont Hill (professor)
  • Father Jonathan (Catholic priest and "ask a father")
  • Jesse Joyce (comedian)
  • Jamie Lissow (comedian, radio host)
  • Paul Mecurio (the comedian, not the dancer)
  • Joel David Moore
  • Jim Norton
  • Barret Swatek (actress)
  • Mary Walter
  • Dana Vachon

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